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26 rows where pk1 = "a" and pk2 = "b"

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Link pk1 pk2 pk3 content
a b a a-b-a
a b b a-b-b
a b c a-b-c
a b d a-b-d
a b e a-b-e
a b f a-b-f
a b g a-b-g
a b h a-b-h
a b i a-b-i
a b j a-b-j
a b k a-b-k
a b l a-b-l
a b m a-b-m
a b n a-b-n
a b o a-b-o
a b p a-b-p
a b q a-b-q
a b r a-b-r
a b s a-b-s
a b t a-b-t
a b u a-b-u
a b v a-b-v
a b w a-b-w
a b x a-b-x
a b y a-b-y
a b z a-b-z

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CREATE TABLE compound_three_primary_keys (
  pk1 varchar(30),
  pk2 varchar(30),
  pk3 varchar(30),
  content text,
  PRIMARY KEY (pk1, pk2, pk3)
CREATE INDEX idx_compound_three_primary_keys_content ON compound_three_primary_keys(content);
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