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4 rows where pk2 = "z" and text = "$null"

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Link pk1 pk2 content sortable sortable_with_nulls sortable_with_nulls_2 text
b z b-z -93     $null
c z c-z -58 0.9637347441012087 0.11453287137889767 $null
f z f-z 10 0.4515549159652815 0.3987301842569533 $null
g z g-z 15 0.10350187727039162 0.08432913202456382 $null

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CREATE TABLE sortable (
  pk1 varchar(30),
  pk2 varchar(30),
  content text,
  sortable integer,
  sortable_with_nulls real,
  sortable_with_nulls_2 real,
  text text,
  PRIMARY KEY (pk1, pk2)
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